Scam Alert – Caught in the Act

In the last couple of weeks I’ve received several calls from companies claiming that my computer is sending them messages indicating I have been infected by a virus.  The scam tries to get you to install remote control software so their “Microsoft Certified Technician” can show you where the virus is on your computer, and possibly help remove it.

Frankly the scam came on pretty hard and was fairly convincing.  I only have one computer running Windows in my house and it runs Windows 7 which I’m not terribly familiar with.  That sneaking doubt came into my mind as I listened to this fellow’s claims that it was infected.  In my first call I ended up sussing out the claim and found the faults that indicated that it was a scam.  I sent a message to a variety of places and the Peace Arch News contacted me and ran an article about my experiences.

Since then, I have been called a couple of times by the same scam artists.  This last time I decided to push back and see just what the deal was.  I also happened to record part of my conversation.  I spent some minutes with the initial call and then asked to be escalated to their manager.  That’s where the video picks up.

This scam is fairly insidious and convincing.  It also can be horribly damaging as you are giving them complete access and control to your computer.  I just wish there was a way to track these companies down to stop them permanently.


  1. I have had 3 of them hang up on me. Keep them on the line long enough they give up. Cordless phone with a headset while making supper and hassling a scam artist is what I do for fun.

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